10 ways to keep you safe

At PhenomWell, we are committed to safety. Since March, we’ve implemented several safe shopping practices. It’s likely these guidelines will continue until there’s a vaccine for COVID-19.

If you’re concerned about safe shopping, you can count on us for these 10 safety measures:

1. Masks
We keep the door locked and only allow entry if you have a mask covering nose and mouth. We always wear masks when customers are in the store.

2. Sanitization
We sanitize the door and any other surface after anyone touches anything. Although it is not ideal for retail shopping, we request customers look but not touch. 

3. No in-store sampling
Before COVID, we offered free samples and even invited customers to smell certain products. We no longer do that, although we do have samples that are packaged that you can take with you.

4. Curbside pickup
You can order online or by phone ((980) 330-3073 in Salisbury), ((336) 940-2026 in Bermuda Run). We will wear a mask and quickly bring it to your car.

5. Sidewalk shopping
If you can’t wear a mask, we can show you items and answer questions through the glass — and we can come outside to manage the transaction.

6. Limited number of people in the store
We prefer allowing only one customer in the store at a time. Sometimes, we accommodate two. If you’re with somebody, that’s fine. The point is to keep the numbers down and allow for 6 feet distance between everybody. As much as we love people, we don’t invite our friends and family to come hang out.

7. No children
We love children, but we do not allow them in the store in these times. We do make exceptions when it’s clear they can be still and not touch merchandise.

8. Social distancing
Except during checkout, when it’s likely there will be a few moments when we are within six feet, we request at least six feet distance at all times.

9. Free delivery
We’re delighted to offer same day free delivery in Rowan and Davie County. You can order online call the store.

10. Free shipping
Outside of Rowan and Davie Counties, we offer free shipping on all orders.

Call or go online
with curbside pickup or FREE delivery:

Salisbury Store (980) 330-3073 (704 Jake Alexander Blvd., Salisbury, NC)
Bermuda Run Store: ‭(336) 940-2026‬ (246 Hwy. 801 N., Advance, NC)