Thank you

2020 has been such a challenging year.

Many people have not survived it.

Many businesses have not made it.

Not anticipating a pandemic, we spent the end of last year and the early months of this year working to open a new store, which opened in early March. Alas, the beginning of that business coincided with the beginning of COVID-19 and did not make it. It’s now closed.

That’s just one of millions of stories that include various degrees of loss — from minor inconveniences, to hopes and dreams delayed, or shattered, to profound, heartbreaking loss.

We’re grateful. PhenomWell in Salisbury has survived, thanks you to, our customer.

We appreciate your shopping with us very much. Thank you.

We’re looking forward to 2021. We see it as a year that no doubt will be tough, but will also include recovery for many people — recovery for both physical and mental health, and for the economy.

Please take care of yourselves so that we all avoid the virus this winter and thrive in the months and years to come.

We hope to see you soon. And, one day, we look forward to dropping the masks so that we can all see each others faces again.

Here’s to completing 2020 and embracing better times in 2021.

Today marks the end of 2020 and the last day of our 20% off sale — both in the store and online.

For free delivery in Rowan County, or free shipping anywhere, order online or call the store at 980-330-3073.