Edible advice: Give ‘em time

Whether it’s CBD or Delta 8 THC, people enjoy edibles, which most often takes the form of a gummy bear.

But the effect is not immediate, as it is with vaping and smoking. It often takes a couple of hours to feel the effects. 

If you’ve had a little experience with edible cannabis products, you already know this. It only takes a few days of experimentation to get it right.

But if you’re new to striking the balance that these amazing cannabinoids offer, it’s important to start low and go slow, until you and your body get a handle on the amount and frequency that works for you.

A common side effect from CBD is sleepiness — so if you take too much before bed — that may work out fine.

But if it’s not bedtime and you want to be alert, just wait two hours and see how you feel. You may need to adjust up or down, but you won’t know, at first, until you’ve assessed the effect of a single serving.

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