Happy New Year! Introducing Chllax Club

Happy New Year!

Like so many people all over the world, we have high hopes for 2021.

Please know that we are very much aware that small businesses are struggling in this pandemic and we have been fortunate enough to survive. We are grateful — and we totally appreciate you, our customers — for making this possible.

That said, there’s more to life than survival. We’re looking forward to what’s ahead: the distribution of vaccines, diminishing virus, and thriving health and economic growth for our community.

We’re also excited about new products that utilize and combine cannabinoids in new ways. There are likely new innovations on the horizon, and we look forward to new discoveries. This time last year, Delta-8 THC was a minor cannabinoid that we knew about, but it wasn’t even on the radar as the dominant ingredient in some of our most popular products.

This new year, we’re introducing the Chllax Club, a customer appreciation program for our store. All Chllax Club members will get a 15% discount every day.

We’ll run other specials — but the 15% off Chllaxers will always have this discount available for any purchase.

Are you a Chllaxer? Yes. If you’re getting this email, then you’re in the club and we appreciate your partnership.

We look forward to serving you and learning with you this year. Please stay safe during these cold winter months. We’re big fans of wear masks and keep 6 feet away from people so can all enjoy the better times are ahead.

For free delivery in Rowan County, or free shipping anywhere, order online or call the store at 980-330-3073.