New disposable D8 and D10 carts

We’ve got a new THC disposable cart that we’re excited to introduce.

These carts offer 2.5 grams of THC — Delta 8 and Delta 10 combined.

Most importantly, the batteries are rechargeable.

We’ve had a problem with disposable carts that didn’t last because the batteries died. In fact, so many were DOA that we replaced as many as we didn’t replace — and we’ve tried several manufactures.

That just didn’t work, so we stopped carrying them.

Canna River is a responsible company that we’ve come to trust. The size — 2.5 grams — is big enough to last awhile. So even though they are disposable, they are also rechargeable.

They come in six great flavors:
 Green Crack
 Cherry AK
 Hawaiin Snow Cap
 Watermelon Zkittles
 Blue Dream
 Sour GMO

Right now, we have a limited supply. We want to make sure the hardware is reliable and see how our customers like the flavors and effects of the carts. It’s likely that we will order more, depending.

If you want to try a disposable and have had bad experiences in the past, we welcome you to give these a try. As always, satisfaction is guaranteed.

As we understand it, shipping rules have changed and we are now able to mail carts via USPS.


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