50% off CBD, pain, and anxiety?

You can get half off CBD. We can promise that. We’re offering half price on a second PhenomWell item of equal or lesser value than the first. This offer is good in either of our stores and online.

As for the pain and anxiety, we could get in trouble for promising half off of that. It’s hard to measure. And we’re not medical professionals and we’re not in the business of doing or even interpreting scientific research.

Positive stories abound, and there’s plenty of research supporting CBD’s impact on inflammation.

We are in the business of sourcing quality products and we can say that our customers and CBD consumers everywhere report that it makes a huge difference.

It’s also pretty great for sleep. Sticking with the half off theme — some people say that after using CBD, they get up half as many times during the night and get half again as much sleep.

It’s different for everybody and requires a little experimentation. That’s why we always suggest starting low and going slow, and increasing the serving size until we find the amount of CBD that accomplishes the result we want.

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