20% OFF Gummies and Tinctures this week

This is a time for heroes, and there are many: in health care and service industries. People are working themselves to the bone under extraordinary circumstances in order to care for the sick and comfort and feed the healthy.

Many of us are experiencing a loss of power. All we can do about the COVID-19 pandemic is keep our distance and protect each other with masks and sanitization. Our options are limited.

There’s a lot of caring and support and love out there. And there’s also anxiety. If we’re not dealing with anxiety in these times, we would not be human.

CBD has been known to help. If it’s beneficial for you, here are some options for shopping with us.

PhenomWell Shopping Options

Option 1. You’re welcome in our store. We’re keeping the doors locked. That way we can serve one customer at time and maintain social distancing. But everything is sanitized. We’re wearing masks — and you are welcome!

Option 2. Call the store, place your order over the phone, and we’ll deliver it the same day.

Option 3. Call the store and place your order by phone and pick it up curbside.

Option 4. Order online and receive your order via mail, with free shipping.