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Salisbury Store (980) 330-3073 (704 Jake Alexander Blvd., Salisbury, NC)
Bermuda Run Store: ‭(336) 940-2026‬ (246 Hwy. 801 N., Advance, NC)


Safety is a priority at PhenomWell.

CBD is non-toxic and doesn’t compromise one’s organs like prescription or OTC drugs can. That’s one of the great advantages of using cannabis for anxiety, sleep, and those aching joints and muscles.

And these days, safety also includes having a safe space to shop.

We’re very careful about that. We keep the door locked and limit the number of people inside the store at one time. That’s usually not a problem, but it can be if a group wants to come in the store. We love children, but we’re not welcoming them inside these days.

When you open the door of the store, you can be confident. We sanitize inside and out after after anybody touches it.

We also ask that customers not touch anything inside, with the exception of the door and the iPad we use as our point-of-sale. We sanitize the iPad after every touch.

If we make sanitizer available and sanitize all surfaces and items that do get touched — the door and the point of sale, then we can keep the store clean.

And we require masks and 6 feet distance inside. If you don’t have a mask, you’re welcome to shop from the sidewalk and we can show you any product you want to see. We also have masks for sale. We feel the inconvenience of masks and social distancing outweighs the possible risk of spreading the virus.

This may seem like a rude way to run a business — but it’s the world we now live in and and it will never change the fact that we are absolutely delighted to see you when we see you!

If you’re limiting your risk by staying at home, or if you’re working and don’t have time to come by, we also deliver and offer free shipping.