Check out our gummy table

Delta 8 gummies are popular — so we’ve given them their own little table in our store and their own little menu item on our website.

We’re committed to carrying a variety of Delta 8 gummies and other edibles in different strengths, varieties, and prices.

The Nimo line comes in four configurations: Energy, Soothe, Sleep, and Create.

Relax and Recover, form Small Axe Cannabis Company makes a really nice 20/20 gummy — combining 20 milligrams of CBD with 20 milligrams of Delta 8 THC — providing a balanced effect that’s not overly intoxicating, but very relaxing.

And of course we have our own label that provides a potent serving of Delta 8 with really good prices.

There are also a few non-gummy edibles currently in stock. We have a few chocolate Moonrocks from CBD Farmhouse. These handcrafted gourmet chocolates are made to look like cannabis buds.

We’re also stocked with chocolate pieces and bars from Patsy’s Candy — both THC and CBD.

We still have a few beef jerkies in stock, and more peanut brittle on the way.

We’re excited about expanding our D8 selection and invite you to drop in a take a look.

One note about edibles. They melt in hot cars — so we include ice packs.

And a note about Delta 8. It has an intoxicating effect — and if that’s not for you, then we still have a full selection of CBD.

An possible strategy for dealing with pain and sleep is to mix the two for a greater entourage effect.

If you don’t want the intoxication, you can just use a tiny amount of THC. CBD counteracts the high.

If you do want the high but also want the additional medical benefits of CBD, you can use a lesser amount of CBD.

Someone said combining cannabinoids and enhancing the entourage effect is like putting an orchestra behind a great singer. The solo is beautiful all by itself, but the music is that much more when the orchestra is added.


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