Dealing with COVID fatigue

COVID Fatigue is hitting many people pretty hard.

Kaye Hermanson, UC Davis Health clinical psychologist, has written several articles on the topic.

You can read one of her articles here.

Dr. Hermanson suggests these five strategies:

  • Take it day by day, or moment by moment: “Don’t look too far down the road,” she said. “Realize you will have good days and bad days, or good moments and bad moments. Realize these things can come in waves. It’s OK to say, ‘Right now, it’s bad.’ Just hang in there and ask, ‘What can I do to help feel better, or less bad?’”
  • Be compassionate with yourself: Don’t expect perfection and don’t wallow in mistakes or missed chances. “Nobody prepared us for this,” Hermanson said. “There wasn’t a class in high school called How to Get Through a Pandemic. We’re all making this is up as we go along.”
  • Be creative about finding things to look forward to: It could be a walk (when the smoke clears), or finding repeats of a TV series you love, or, as in Hermanson’s case, gathering a group of friends for a Zoom trivia night. “We write down our answers then show them. There’s a certain amount of honesty involved,” she said. “We have to remember the purpose is to have fun, not to win.”
  • Find reasons to laugh: “There is a healthy physical reaction to laughing,” Hermanson said. “If nothing else works, put on your favorite comedy.”
  • Exercise: “It’s still the No. 1 best thing we can do for coping,” she said.



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