Duelin’ vape tanks

We have two new disposable vapes, including a Stay Lit Dual Tank 2 gram disposable.

The Stay Lit Dual Tank 2 gram disposable is the latest innovation in disposable vape carts.

Each device contains 2 independent chambers with 1ml Delta-8 THC each — and each tank has a different live resin terpene profile — so you can switch back and forth.

The device has USB-C recharging, power on/off, and pre-heating for easy use.

Simply swap the chambers by using the switch at the bottom, and let the LED indicate which chamber is active.

If you want one device with two options, this is the device for you.

Choose between

  • 2 hybrid tanks
  • 2 indica tanks
  • 1 Indica tank and 1 sativa

We also have a new 2 ml disposable from Not Ya’ Son’s Weed that includes THCP for extra strength.

These are just a couple, and we have others in the store.

As companies continue to be creative with cannabinoid blends and vape tech, we enjoy giving our customers the opportunity to try new products. Thank you for shopping with us and making it possible for us to offer new products.

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