Free bag of gummies

If your back is sore
Inflamed to the core

Or you’ve been watching the news
And need a good snooze

If anxiety’s maxed
And you need to relax…

Just ain’t your scene

And all this change
Is just too strange…

Maybe there’s something you can do.
Maybe eat a CBD gummy. Maybe two.

With 25 milligrams, each, of CBD infused
How could anyone possibly refuse?

I tell you, it’s not just yummy
It’s a full spectrum, nano gummy.

And when that cannibodial is nano emulsified
It works fast, with potency multiplied.

It’s sour, and sweet, and totally fab
Designed and made in a certified lab.

And it comes from a plant. Not wheat. Not spuds.
It comes from cannabis, those little green hemp buds.

We’ve got a bag now — 10 gummies — with your name on it.
You don’t need to dance, cluck like a chicken, or write a sonnet.

Just buy forty dollars of CBD, in the store.
You don’t need to spend a penny more

And you’ll score this awesome bag of tasty gummies
Which you can eat, alone, or share with your buddies.

Call or go online
for curbside pickup or free delivery:

Salisbury Store (980) 330-3073 (704 Jake Alexander Blvd., Salisbury, NC)
Bermuda Run Store: ‭(336) 940-2026‬ (246 Hwy. 801 N., Advance, NC)