Free Samples

We love giving out free samples, in the store. We don’t do samples by mail.

Come try a CBD or Delta 8 THC gummy. We have sample packs you can take with you.

Since COVID started, our respect for the virus has caused us to be stingy with free samples and free smells. We used to have open bottles of tinctures, bags of gummies, a dab of pain cream — and jars of flower to sniff.

These days, we’re keeping everything sealed and sanitized. We’re also keeping the door locked and requiring masks and requesting limited touching. We sanitize the iPad after every touch and we wipe down the doorway after people come and go.

But we do have small packs of gummies and you’re welcome to come by and pick up a pack to take home. They are really good.


For free delivery in Rowan County, or free shipping anywhere, order online or call the store at 980-330-3073.



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