Han Solo THCA flower

Introducing our newest top shelf THCA strain, Han Solo. This hybrid strain has dense, bright green buds with streaks of orange. Hans Solo is Farm Bill compliant because it contain less than .03% Delta-9 THC.

However, these buds contain 23% THCA, which makes it a potent, enjoyable flower.

THCA is not a cannabinoid in distillate form that’s been infused or sprayed onto a hemp plant. THCA occurs naturally in the plant.

These plants, from a small indoor farm in Colorado, have been carefully cultivated to have very low percentages of Delta-9 THC, thus rendering them legal in states like North Carolina.

However, they contain an abundance of THCA. THCA converts to Delta-9 THC after it’s de-carboxylated (when heat is applied — as in burning).

We just got it. Haven’t tried it. But we’ve had great reports about other THCA strains from this same farm (Grape Frosty and Panther) — so we look forward to hearing about and exploring the world of Han Solo.


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