Why hemp regulation is so confusing

Ever gotten confused about the many state laws, and one federal law, regarding the legality of hemp?

Join the club.

Here’s an article that does a good job of explaining various attempts states have made to regulate a hemp industry that is changing rapidly.

North Carolina has its own version of this story. We’re currently waiting on the House to pass SB762, which confirms the NC Farm Bill and aligns it with the 2018 federal Farm Bill. This would allow our business and the many hemp farmers in North Carolina to continue — and it would allow the many people in this state who benefit from this remarkable plant to continue doing so.

Meanwhile, SB711 also passed the state Senate and awaits the House. This law would establish a medical marijuana industry in North Carolina.

The North Carolina General Assembly is currently in short session, which ends June 30 — so action or inaction on these bills will happen in the next 10 days.

In this article, Antar Davidson, executive director of the Mississippi Farmers Hemp Association, advocating for federal legislation, sums it up quite well. 

“All of this is the utter confusion of basically applying an old justice system to an entirely new plant. Cannabis is so nuanced. You have so many uses within just the one plant. … This piecemeal approach, it’s never going to work.

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