How much CBD should you give your dog?

CBD can ease a dog’s pain and anxiety, but how much should they be given? As a general rule, we recommend dosing CBD for dogs according to the dog’s weight.

There can be exceptions. Dogs are different and ailments are different.

But generally we recommend dividing the dog’s weight by four in order to calculate the number of milligrams of CBD. The formula is .25 x dog’s weight = number of milligrams of CBD. So, if your dog weighs 40 pounds, you would start with 10 milligrams of CBD. This provides a good starting place, and the dose can later be adjusted up or down.

We don’t have a large variety of pet products, but we do have a tincture and doggie biscuit that many of us use and trust.

The perfect dose of CBD may vary some, depending on your dog’s size and age — but most dogs respond well to CBD. This chart can help guide you in determining how much CBD to use, which could help you determine what type of product may work best.

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