Like Astaire and Rogers

While CBD can be great medicine and THC can be quite recreational, we think these two primary cannabinoids dance extremely well together, like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

Not everybody can tolerate THC, and we all have different levels of tolerance. There’s a place for CBD without any THC, and there’s a place for THC with little or no CBD.

But for those who want the health benefits of CBD — less pain and a more relaxed way of being — in addition to the health benefits and euphoric effects offered by THC, the two make a perfect match.

PhenomWell offers several options, including:

The Grandfather Mountain, with 10mg THC and 20mg CBD.
Xite Gummies, with 10mg THC and 50mg CBD.
The Entourage, with 10mg THC and 100 mg CBD.

We also have chocolate pieces in the store that offer 15mg of CBD and 15mg Delta-9 THC.

We’re always seeing new blends with various minor cannabinoids such as CBN for going to bed and THCV for being alert — but when it comes to edibles, it’s hard to beat the old stand-by’s: THC and CBD.