Masks or Delivery = Safe shopping

At PhenomWell, we’re concerned about safety for our customers and ourselves. Bars, restaurants, parties, and shopping — when people are gathered inside — are places that have certain risks.

Since COVID, our in-store business has slowed, as have many other retail businesses. Online shopping has increased everywhere.

If you’re able to stay at home and don’t feel comfortable going in stores, we completely understand.

You are always welcome to order on our website or call the store. We offer free shipping, free local delivery, and curbside service.

But if you do come in the store, we want you to be safe. That’s why we’ve kept the door locked, since March — and require masks, no children, and preferably no more than two customers at one time. We’re also very careful about sanitizing the doors, our hands, and the point of sale between each and every touch.

If you need information on masks, here are a few good links:

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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public: When and how to use masks

Whether we see you in person, with a mask, or mail or deliver your CBD products, we’ve decided to extend our special another week:

Call or go online
with curbside pickup or FREE delivery:

Salisbury Store (980) 330-3073 (704 Jake Alexander Blvd., Salisbury, NC)
Bermuda Run Store: ‭(336) 940-2026‬ (246 Hwy. 801 N., Advance, NC)