New: Indoor grown Sour Space Candy

Hemp can be grown outdoors, in a greenhouse, or indoors.

Indoor growing is considered to be superior for several reasons:

  • Light controlled
  • Temperature controlled
  • Humidity controlled
  • Higher cannabinoids
  • Better terpene expression
  • Higher density flower
  • Fewer contaminants
  • Smoother smoke
  • Better looking buds

We just got in some very nice Sour Space Candy that is indoor grown and infused with Delta 8 THC.

This flower offers an excellent profile of cannabinoids with an amazing smell.

Smoking the flower is not everybody’s cup of tea — but it does offer an immediate, shorter lasting effect than edibles. If it is your thing, come check it out. This may be the nicest flower we’ve ever had.

If you’d rather not come inside the store, we do offer curbside pickup, free delivery in Rowan County, and free shipping anywhere. If you shop online, you can choose your option. If you’d like to call  the store for curbside or delivery, the phone number is ‭(980) 330-3073‬.