A relaxation toolkit?

Relaxation is important for good mental and physical health.

We appreciate the fact that many people find effective uses for CBD and THC in achieving relaxation. 

It’s a great tool, and there are others.

We naturally use many relaxation techniques in our everyday lives. While our primary objective may not be relaxation, our minds and bodies need it and we incorporate relaxation into many other activities. Walks in nature, exercise, gardening, dancing, or passively watching TV can have a relaxing effect. We each create our own paths.

And there are practices designed for just that. Yoga, tai chi,  and massage target a deeper, conscious, intentional state of relaxation.

Meditation and Hypnosis are also powerful tools.

Before the internet, one could learn how to meditate and practice self-hypnosis by taking a class or reading a book — if you could find the book or the class — which usually required being in a decent sized city.

Now, there are professional teachers and coaches and an huge supply of recordings available to anyone with a smartphone.

While music sites have more variety and some excellent recordings, apps seem to offer less selection with a higher average quality.

This article in Good Housekeeping highlights fifteen apps for meditation.

We like this one, Relax Now. It’s free, high quality, and designed for one thing: relaxation. It also offers the option or changing the background music. It includes a single 42 second introduction and a 27 minute guided meditation.

We live very busy lives, so it’s probably important to have have a little relaxation toolkit.

So if you want to stop for 30 minutes and give meditation a try, this app would be a simple way to do that. 


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