Patsy’s or Bhumi? Both are great.

If you’re in a decadent mood, we have two great chocolate brands to choose from: Patsy’s and Bhumi.

Patsy’s Candies, a hundred year old Colorado company, makes chocolate pieces, peanut butter chocolates, caramels, and chocolate bars with CBD and Delta-8 THC. They also produce really great salt water taffy.

Bhumi is a woman owned, environmentally conscious Asheville company that makes Delta-8 and compliant Delta-9 chocolate pieces and bars. They come in a nice selection of flavors.

We have the individual pieces in the store, but not online. We can ship the chocolate bars.

A piece of chocolate costs a little more than a gummy, but we’ve never heard a complaint because they taste so good and provide the perfect companion for cannabinoid edibles. These chocolates make for a wonderful treat.


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