Public Speaking Anxiety?

According to a research study conducted in 2011, CBD can reduce anxiety induced by public speaking.

Public speaking is an activity that often causes heightened anxiety for people, which is why it was used for this one study.

Many other studies have taken different approaches and shown that CBD helps.

Of course, with COVID and social distancing, there’s not a lot of public speaking going on now — unless you count Zoom calls.

But dealing with the pandemic itself — the closures, the adjustments, the loss, the inconvenience — is an anxiety test. We don’t need a research study to tell us that there’s been an increased in our levels of anxiety.

CBD helps a lot of people. That’s one of the reasons people take it at night, as a sleep aid. There’s often a calming effect.

If you need to discuss the right amount or the various ways to take CBD, we’re happy to discuss that with you.

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