PhenomWell CBD Store Refund Policy

Commitment to Satisfaction: At PhenomWell CBD Store, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our commitment to customer satisfaction. We understand that every customer’s needs are unique, and we’re dedicated to ensuring you find the right product for your needs.

Refund and Exchange Process: If you encounter any issues with your purchase or if it fails to meet your expectations, we kindly ask that you contact our customer service team to discuss how we might best address your concerns. In instances of product dissatisfaction or defects, we offer the following resolutions:

  • Exchange: We can replace the item with a new one, ensuring you receive a product that meets your needs and expectations.
  • Refund: For those who prefer it, we’re happy to offer a refund.
  • Alternative Product: Alternatively, we can suggest another product that might better suit your needs.

Procedure: To maintain the integrity of our customer care process and ensure we can continue to offer these flexible solutions, we request the following:

  • Contact Us First: Please reach out to us at (980) 330-3073 or via email with details of your concern. This allows us to understand your situation and determine the most satisfactory resolution.
  • Product Issues: For defective products, such as non-working vape carts, there’s no need to return the defective item. Simply inform us, and we’ll arrange for a replacement.

Our Objective: Our primary aim is to ensure your happiness and satisfaction with our products. We believe in building trust and loyalty through understanding and flexibility. However, we also uphold the right to assess each situation individually to prevent abuse of our generous return policy.

Feedback is Welcome: Your feedback is crucial in helping us improve. If you have suggestions or comments about our products or services, we’re all ears. Your input aids us in continually enhancing our offerings.