Relax. Breathe.

relax and breate

Exercise and activity are important for good health.

And so is relaxation.

While they seem to be almost opposite states of being, they are related. Athletes schedule time to relax in order to increase performance. Conversely, a good workout helps with relaxation.

CBD has been known to have a relaxing effect. We, at PhenomWell, along with many other people, think it helps a lot. We also hear good things about Delta-8 THC in the area of relaxation — along with a combination of these two and other cannabinoids.

This article from the Mayo Clinic discusses the health benefits of relaxation, along with various techniques to achieve physical and mental calm.

Many of these techniques are readily available online, through audio books, streaming sites, services, and apps. Just search for guided relaxation video, guided meditation, deep breathing audio, self-hypnosis, or the search terms of your choice, and see what options you find. There are the paid apps that we see in advertising, but there is also a huge range of good material out there that’s free.

Everybody is different and we all find the strategies that work for us. Watching movies and sports are common, yet powerful tools for relaxation.

But if you’ve never tried stopping everything and indulging in a 15, 30, or 60 minute guided meditation or self-hypnosis session, you may want to give it a try. Your perfect relaxation connection may be just a click away.

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