Start low and go slow. And Save 20%.

There’s a common CBD adage: “Start low and go slow.”

We think this is a wise approach.

There are many charts and calculators with elaborate recommendations for CBD serving size, depending on body size, age, metabolism, and severity of the situation.

We try to keep it simple. 

The average serving is 20 to 30 milligrams. We recommend starting at the bottom of that average, or below, and increasing the serving size every few days until you find the amount that’s right for you.

For one thing, this is cost effective. CBD has been shown to be safe in high doses, but a higher milligram bottle of tincture costs more and may not be necessary.

It’s also possible that a very high amount can produce the opposite effect of a very low amount. Some call this a bidirectional effect.

Starting low and going slow gives you the opportunity to observe how you feel and measure the effectiveness of CBD, for you, in your situation.

We have different challenges. Some of us weigh more than others. We have different things we want to accomplish, and different metabolisms — and we need different serving sizes of CBD.

With a little practice, patience, and experimentation, you can find what works for you. 

Come to think of it, practice, patience, and experimentation may look a lot like common sense and may work for many other areas of life also.


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