The hemp journey: from seed to product

Have you ever wondered how a CBD or THC product comes to life? Here’s a brief description of that journey, from the seed of a hemp plant to the final product.

Step 1: The Seed The journey begins with a small, but mighty, hemp seed. These seeds are meticulously selected for their genetic traits that allow them to produce high-quality CBDTHCCBGCBNTHCV, and other cannabinoids.

Step 2: Cultivation After planting, the seeds grow into sturdy hemp plants under the watchful eyes of dedicated farmers. They are grown in clean, fertile soil, ensuring the end product is free of contaminants. All of the flower we carry is grown indoors.

Step 3: Harvesting When the hemp plants mature and are ready for harvest, farmers carefully gather the hemp flowers, the part of the plant richest in cannabinoids. For loose THCA flower, this is the final stage.

Step 4: Extraction These hemp flowers then undergo a sophisticated extraction process to separate the desired cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material.

Step 5: Formulation The extracted cannabinoids are then mixed into your favorite products, whether it be tinctures, gummies, pet products, topicals, chocolates, or others. At this point, our job is to select products that meet a high standard for quality and potency.

Step 6: Third-Party Testing To guarantee safety and effectiveness, all our products are tested by independent labs. We believe in transparency, so these test results are available for you to view.

Step 7: Your Enjoyment Finally, the product reaches our store – ready to be enjoyed by you, our valued Chillax Club member.

Remember, whether you’re seeking relief from pain, anxiety, sleep issues, or inflammation, we’re here to offer guidance. Visit our online store at or drop by our brick and mortar location at 704 B. Jake Alexander Blvd., W., Salisbury, NC.

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