Tinctures, gummies, smoking, or vaping?

Hemp is a truly remarkable plant. It’s also a cannabinoid factory, producing over a hundred compounds.

CBD, and its psychoactive derivative, Delta-8 THC, are the most common — and there are a variety of ways people consume them.

Setting aside the experience of the consumption itself, and the amount, the different ways of taking these cannabinoids can impact the timing and potency of the effect.

If we’re using these products to deal with pain, anxiety, or sleep, it’s a good idea to time our consumption according to what our bodies need.

Calculating time and amount also helps us get the best size dosage and not too much. Tinctures and gummies and other edibles have gradual effects that can take one, two, or three hours to reach full strength. And they last a few hours after that.

With edibles and tinctures, we always recommend waiting two or three hours after a serving before taking any more — so that the first serving has had time to fully take effect.

There’s no waiting around with smoking the flower or vaping. These methods offer an immediate effect, but it lasts for a shorter amount of time.

We all have different preferences, and needs — whether it’s the choice between CBD and Delta-8, the amount, and how we prefer taking it. Phenomwell has a number of options.

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