Why nano?

The amount of CBD in the bottle is one thing — but the amount that gets into your bloodstream is most important.

Normal CBD oil tinctures are mostly absorbed through your small intestine. It can take anywhere for 30 minutes to 2 hours for cannabinoids to reach your intestines after you swallow it. Even then, the CBD absorption rate is slow and unpredictable and only a small percentage will get absorbed.

Nano emulsion is a fancy term for submicroscopic drops of oil. Nano means 1 billionth of a meter or 0.0000001 centimeters. An emulsion is when one liquid gets mixed with another but doesn’t fully dissolve into it.

Because nano emulsified droplets of CBD oil are so incredibly tiny, they can pass though the mucous membranes of your mouth & esophagus and go directly into your bloodstream. 

Thus, nano emulsified products have a stronger effect because the CBD has exceptionally high bioavailability. The cannabinoids enters your blood and start to work within minutes. Because of the increased potency, it’s possible to take less of it, per serving, and take it more often.

We’re committed to offering the best quality, most beneficial CBD, which is why almost all of our products are nano.


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